Saco de huesos is composed by Angel Navarro and his creations

 He discovered theater and puppetry in the district of the Raval in Barcelona. He has been formed within the performing arts in the Theatre-studio Victor Hernandez, and has discovered the art of puppet construction in the house and workshop of the puppet master Pepe Otal. On his way, he has learned from other puppet masters such as Stephen Mottram.

Bag of bones has traveled with his shows for various festivals and international tours.


"Los esqueletos no son la muerte, son lo que a ella le sobra".

"Skeletons are not Death, they are what she left over".

Ramón Gómez de la Serna


 Angel Navarro has also collaborated with other companies: building marionettes, designing stages, and

manipulating marionettes, for example for Mimaia teatro, Zero en conducta, Il Cappello Rosso, and Las Hermanas Trapp.

 He has constructed a repertoire of six marionettes and has manipulated them for the short movie "Marionetka" directed by Mariusz Wojtowicz, filmed in Krakow in 2014.

 He has also constructed string puppets for the puppetier Jose Navarro.

  He also is professor of marionette construction and manipulation.

His passion for this string suspended theater allows him to travel around the world performing his

shows for festivals, theaters and in the streets.


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