a string puppet show in three scenes

The oneiric cabinet shows us the creative process of the marionette. The way stories grow and are shaped between sawdust, chisels, and nights of interrupted dreams. The stage turns into the workshop of a puppeteer, where the images of his dreams and nightmares take form and where the puppeteer goes on testing, perfecting and lets himself fall into a world of oneiric images.

We witness three stories, during which the characters stop being hung from a hanger to tell us about their daily challenges, their stumbling and their greatness, from their intimacy and their loneliness.

Tightrope walkers, spiritual dragons, deserts endless in their smallness and which colors are influenced by a rising sun, travelers camping in this dream space... In between those worlds, strings which separate the realitiy from the other. A fine line which makes us accept the vicissitudes of those hollow beings with the same conviction we experience our dreams.


The three scenes that make up Gabinete Onirico can be represented separately as they are, in themselves, small spectacles

Gildo, the narcoleptic artist


Gildo a fearless artist, who lives between dreamworld and reality, performs his show without realizing the presence of another character, both disturbing and friendly, close and dark like a shadow. A cabaret punctuated by rag-time rythms, with the emotion created by the tightrope walker on his wire.


Manca in the dunes


Sunrise over the dunes, the sand color changes. The blue turns into orange until the presence of a relentless sun prevails. Manca, only inhabitant of this singular and isolated area, wakes up. Out of this space, a huge abyss surrounds her.

Genia Badano

The bathtub


Gus, a lonely being, uncomfortable in his own skin, who only finds hope when he closes his eyes, thinks that the time has come for him to get out of the way. A piece of dark humour about desesperation and intimacy.



Discipline: string puppets, show without words

Public: teenagers and adults (+9)

Participants: 1 actor-manipulator, 1 sound and light manager

Number of marionettes:  7


Duration: 55 min

Time to set up: 6 h

Time to dismantle: 4 h


Stage area: 5m length x 3m width

Bleachers, if not possible, the stage area must be a meter from the ground.

220 V power outlet

Lighting:  1 programmable table of at least 10 channels
lighting fixtures according to the company's light plan.

Sound: audio system with 1 sound table




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